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Walk A Mile In Our Shoes

July 5, 2013 by

Dog scooping poop_1I worked with our mowing crew most of this spring. It’s a physically demanding job that requires strength, stamina and patience. Our mowing crew traverses every square foot of your yard while mowing, string trimming and blowing. I wore a digital pedometer this spring and it calculated that I walked an average of about 12 miles a day (almost a half marathon each day) while walking behind a mower, carrying an 11.5 pound string trimmer and wearing a 23.3 pound backpack blower.

It’s really very easy for us to get hot, sweaty and dirty even when the temperatures are cooler in spring. Let the humidity and temperature move into more summery conditions and it’s like working in a sauna all day long. We get covered in dirt and debris thrown and blown from our equipment and it all sticks to our sweaty clothes and skin. Grass clippings, leaves, dirt, dust, poison ivy… you name it and we’ve been covered with it.

Dog Poop on shoeUnfortunately sometimes our equipment, clothing and skin have a run in with dog poop. There’s not much of a way around it when you’re walking every square foot of a lawn. Even if there’s just a little in the yard, we’ll find it. When there’s a lot in the yard, it gets gross. Throw a string trimmer’s spinning string into the mix and you have potential for an unhealthy and very unpleasant situation. It’s one thing to step in dog poop or run a mower tire over it. You can rinse off the bottom of your work boot or spray off the tire, but when a string trimmer finds hidden treasure, that dog poop is splattered onto your skin and clothes before you have a chance to let off the throttle to avoid disaster.

Wearing Eau de Doggie Doo all day isn’t much fun at all. Don’t get me wrong, we love dogs. I have two Akitas and I pick up after them pretty much every day. No, it’s not much fun to do, but it’s better than leaving a stinky surprise for my kids, wife or anyone else that comes into our backyard. We pick up after our dogs on walks too. We carry plastic bags with us for the task to keep our neighborhood a safer place to walk. There’s actually a Metro Nashville ordinance regarding dog poop on public property or private property that is not owned by the dog owner.

8.04.180 – Removal of excrement. A dog owner shall clean up and remove any excrement left by his or her dog(s) on any public property or private property not owned or lawfully possessed by the dog owner. Violations of this section shall be punishable by a fifty-dollar fine. (Amdt. 1 with Ord. BL2004-302 § 1, 2004)

Dog poop is not fertilizer and should never be used as such. Harmful organisms in dog poop can be transmitted from pet waste to children and adults. Fecal coliform and other bacteria found in dog waste can make people sick, leading to breathing problems, diarrhea, blindness and worse.

If you don’t have time, desire or the stomach to pick up after your dogs in your yard, there are local companies that specialize in doing that unpleasant task for you. Your family, friends, neighbors and everyone else that visits your property will thank you!

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