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I’m loving the garden. Can’t wait to see it in the spring. Looks great. I love the plant additions and shape of the path.

We have a great Crieve Hall backyard, but we didn’t really have the space to enjoy it. Perfect World designed a patio, landscaping and lighting that would give us a place to sit and enjoy our view. Everything about the plan was well thought out. Perfect World suggested a variety of plants for the plan and each one truly has a purpose…whether it’s to create a border, a natural barrier, or simply to look or smell great as you walk by. Steve and Matt are both great to work with and they really know what they are doing. We love our new space and plan to expand in the future.

Thanks so much for getting the job done before our deadline. It looks great.

My planting has done remarkably well this summer. I attribute this to your excellent planting and bed preparation last spring. Also the good choices in native plants and proven performers in this climate.

We had some landscaping done by Perfect World Landscapes. Just wanted to say – we love it. Everything looks great. The time between quote and install was just right and we so appreciate the quality workmanship. Frank used to work in this business so he appreciates when folks go the extra mile.

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