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10 Landscape Edging Ideas

July 1, 2014 by
landscape edging ideas

Your landscaping is complete and your yard looks fabulous! Now, how do you keep your mulch in place? And how do you create separation between your landscaping bed and lawn?

Our standard bed edge is shovel-cut. We take a flat edging shovel and cut a straight edge down into the soil. The edge is created at an angle that slopes back into the bed space and helps retain the mulch.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more decorative to complement the shovel-cut edging, adding borders can be a nice touch.

There are multitudes of decorative border options available at a wide variety of price points. Choosing an edging that suits the architecture of your home, your personality, and the topography of your lawn can add that extra touch to your landscaping.

Here are 10 traditional – and not-so-traditional – decorative edging options to consider.

1. Bricks
A very common landscaping border, bricks can be easy to install, depending on your chosen pattern. Consider using reclaimed brick from around your home or asking a contractor for remaining bricks from a previous project to not only add variety but aid in keeping your costs down. If you’re not looking for a traditional horizontal layout, try angling your bricks into the ground.

2. Metal Strips
If you’re looking for edging that disappears into the rest of your yard, consider using 4-inch deep metal strips. They’re most commonly made from steel, aluminum, or even plastic. While not flashy, metal strips do the job in helping to maintain the clean lines between the landscaped area and your lawn.

3. Pavers
Quite possibly the easiest to install, concrete or brick pavers are a very efficient way to add a border to your landscaping. We recommend a compacted gravel base for your pavers to ensure long-term stability, especially if you plan on stacking pavers to create a short retaining wall. Also, depending on the width of your paver, your new edging could double as a walkway as well.

landscape edging ideas4. Stones
There are lots of different options when it comes to stone edging. Stacked flagstone is sleek and elegant. Large rocks can look very natural and add personality by varying the sizes used. Smaller cobblestones and river rocks have a nice visual appeal.

5. Piping
Probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about edging your garden, but there are a couple of different options involving pipe. Cut steel pipes placed vertically in a fence-like pattern can not only add beauty, but depending on the size of the pipe used can serve as small planters. Or, consider having some copper piping bent into the shape of your landscaping beds.

6. Other Plants
Consider placing small shrub-like plants or herbs directly along the edge of the garden to create a clean line. This also works well in conjunction with the aforementioned metal strips.

7. Bottles
Need a new idea for wine bottles? Turn them upside down and use them as garden edgers! Clear and brown glass can make a subtle impact while blue or green bottles can add a serious pop of color and a whole lot of personality to your yard.

8. Flower Pots
Have a bunch of flower pots in your garage or shed? Instead of planting all of them – which is the reason why they’re in storage to begin with, right? – turn them upside down and place them along the edges of your landscaping. They can easily be removed before winter and returned to storage – or maybe seeing them in your yard will inspire you to plant them again!

landscape edging ideas9. Reclaimed Wood
Try painting some reclaimed or scrap wood in a variety of colors. Then, cut the wood into pieces of various heights and insert them fence-style to edge your garden. It’s inexpensive and can really add character. Cedar would be ideal, if possible.

10. Bamboo
Similar to the reclaimed wood, cut bamboo to various heights and insert vertically along the edges of your landscaping.

Whether you desire a sleek and traditional look for your lawn – or something a bit more quirky and fun – one of these landscape edging ideas should work for you. If you’re looking for additional ideas, check out our gallery or ask us for suggestions. We’d be happy to work with you to find a decorative edging idea that suits your style.

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